Sep 04, 2015



The Goods:



It's here. It's happening. My baby is turning two. I'm about to get really cliche on you, but it seriously feels like it was just yesterday that Aden was born. Even weirder, I feel like I've been a mom for way longer than two years. But nonetheless, the past two years have been nothing short of amazing.

To celebrate, my husband and I are throwing a party for Aden this weekend. And you can bet he'll be decked out in one of these fabulous birthday tees! Which one, you ask? Well you'll have to stay tuned for the birthday recap! I will be posting photos on photos on photos next week, once I've recovered from what is sure to be a chaotic (but wonderful) weekend of planning, decorating, cooking, cleaning, eating, and maybe some sleeping.


*Psst! A little birdie told me that Trilogy Design Co. also has a birthday tee coming out today! Wheee!



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