Mama's Night Out

Yes, I am aware that it is only Wednesday. But I am excited for a night out this weekend, so planning my outfit and accessories simply could not wait another day! It is not often that my husband and I are able to break away from the daily routines that come with having two little ones. We love to watch our favorite TV shows after the kiddies go to bed, or cook a late dinner, just the two of us. But in the past few months, we haven't had the opportunity to have a good ol' fashion date. So this weekend calls for a night out! And to celebrate (early), I'm sharing a few of my favorite items that are functional by day, and fabulous by night.
The Goods
Lily Jade diaper bag in Anna // A diaper bag + luxurious purse = One happy mama
Wrenn Jewelry Metallic Druzy necklace // This handmade necklace packs an insanely sparkly punch that can easily transition from errands with the kids to a date night with my hubs!
XO Mints // All-natural mints in a sleek case, perfect for a tiny clutch...or my huge Lily Jade purse.
Sole Serum // The sole (get it?) reason that I can wear heels for more than five seconds. It helps ease my aching feet and keeps me moving in my favorite shoes!
The Jones Market Keychain Wristlet // I am constantly losing my keys in my purse...sound familiar? Slip it on your wrist or attach it to your purse, this adorable little keychain adds a pop of color and keeps my keys exactly where I want them.
eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balm in Sweet Mint // 100% all natural and 95% organic, this little sphere goes where I go, and it's perfect layered with a lip stain for a more natural look
Tom's Black Leather Printed Desert Wedges // The most functional and fabulous wedges that I own...they are perfect with jeans during the day, and a dress for a night out. And not to mention, they're as comfortable as Tom's flats!
Ringly ring in Daydream // This ring is connected to an app that allows you to program alerts for any important calls or texts you may receive--without having to have your phone out during dinner or a movie! It's the perfect accessory to ease my mind and enjoy time without my phone glued to my hand!

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