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It's time...(sniff sniff)...for my baby...(sniff sniff) start preschool. Okay, Okay, it's only twice a week, but I'm still a #hotmessexpress!

And among the tears and tissues and hugs and smiles, I have to keep in mind what is truly important during this transition: his first day of school outfit! (what? did you think I was going to say that it's important that he has fun and soaks up endless amounts of knowledge?) I absolutely love picking out clothes for my little ones, and the first day of school will be no exception! Today, I am sharing my favorite clothes + accessories + essentials to get my little soon-to-be preschooler through the school day!

Lavender & Lace Co. Just Be Cool tee // This comfy tee serves as a reminder for me (and maybe for his new teacher too-ha!) to be cool and NOT freak out on the first day of school. I think it's going to be my new daily mantra. Plus, it's unisex, so it's perfect for any tiny human in your life!

As Darling Does Showtime backpack // This backpack is as practical as it is cool. The straps are adjustable, so my little man can use it for multiple school years! Also, you can remove the inside lining inside for easy cleaning! Because if your kids are anything like mine...they will find a way to dirty their backpack in the first 1.2 seconds of wearing it.

Little Adi + Co Teal Stripe Harem Short // Our very own handmade shorts are soft and durable--perfect for playing, napping,and all of the activities in between! They are the perfect addition to the "cool kid" vibe that my little one has developed (which he got from me, obviously).

Mabel's Labels Personalized Name Stickers // I can already tell...these stickers are going to be a life-saver!  After personalizing the stickers with my little one's name, I stuck them on extra clothes, shoes, backpack, water bottle and literally everything else I'll be sending with him on his first day! Bonus: they are dishwasher & microwave safe AND waterproof. #parentingwin

Vans Toddlers Atwood V Mini Studs Black/White // Vans are IT in my house. Excuse my while I go order the 34863 pair for my boys. They come in a million different colors & styles, they're durable, and easy for my boys to put on (or attempt to put on) themselves!

The Peaceful Mom Printable Lunch Notes // Yes, I know, my little one cannot read yet...but that doesn't mean I can't fill his lunch box with adorable little graphics! This website shares links to a plethora of pictures + notes to brighten your little one's day.

Yumbox 6-compartment food tray // This is, by far, one of the coolest gadgets I've come across to streamline my lunch-making process. It's a self-contained bento box with six compartments for morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack for my little man. No more endless containers to wash or struggling to find a matching lid. I broke-up with my Tupperware after finding this gem and I've never looked back!

BBJAM Arrow and Deer nap mat // Nap time is my biggest concern for my little one's first day of school. But with this adorable nap mat, complete with a pillow and blanket, I know he'll be napping like a king! And the best part? The velcro straps allow you to roll up the mat and secure it, so I can easily carry it to and from my son's classroom every day. I may just have to get one for myself...

Thirty Handmade Days Sandwichless Lunch Ideas // My boys love sandwiches as the next kid, but sometimes they get tired of a sandwich every single day. So I did some of my very best Google-ing and found this amazing website with tons of lunches that don't contain a sandwich. From homemade Chick-Fil-A nuggets to homemade Spaghetti-O's, my little ones devour every recipe I've tried so far! Plus, many of the lunches fit perfectly in the Yumbox bento box!




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