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There is a special place in my heart reserved specifically for blogging mamas. What's not to love? They are extremely relatable, uplifting, and light hearted. There is something so beautiful and humbling about being completely honest when documenting life's good, bad, and ugly moments for the whole world to read. As I continue on my blogging journey for Little Adi + Co, I draw on these ladies for inspiration, strength, and positivity. I have gained so much from following the lives of these amazing ladies, and I hope that by sharing my favorite blogging mamas with you, they will add a slice of sunshine to your life as well.  


Rachel Hollis // The Chic Site // Photo from @msrachelhollis

Rachel's presence on social media is anything but average. Her personality is as bright and vibrant as her Instagram pictures, and she switches up the color-theme of her blog every month! This month's color is purple and my heart does a little dance every time I see one of her pictures! Rachel also tackles tough subjects such as managing her anxiety and living with Bell's palsy. Not to mention--she's also an established author and soon-to-be cookbook author. Rachel does it all!

Grace // Camp Patton // Photo from @camp_patton
Grace's writing is like chocolate have to devour every last bite/word in one sitting! Every single thing she writes, down to the fine print (but for real, go look at the fine print on her website) is witty, lighthearted, and times, laugh out loud funny. She chronicles her life with five kids + a husband who works crazy shifts as an OB-GYN doctor, and does so in an honest and refreshing way.
Kate Baer // The Life & Writings of Kate Baer // Photo from @katejbaer
Are you in the market for a new best friend? Let me introduce you to Kate. She'll make you feel right at home after reading her words, and she'll quickly become your cyber soul sister. From posts about making new friends at 30, having a like/hate relationship with exercising, and her husband's career change at age 27, Kate's writing will make you want to hug her immediately for speaking so frankly about topics many don't discuss. Did I mention she's also super funny? Well, she totally is and you're welcome.
Jessica Garvin // Little Baby Garvin // Photo from @jlgarvin
Jessica is my go-to blogger mama for fashion inspiration, as well as my help-me-get-through-this-day-with-two-small-children (now three!) inspiration. She offers tried and true advice about mealtimes with little ones (she's not above a Lunchable every once in a while), splitting up responsibilities between her and her husband (man on man or zone defense?), and accepting help with the kids when you need to take time for yourself. She's also the chalkboard queen and has an Etsy shop for her handmade chalk signs with adorned phrases such as "Fiesta Like There's No Mañana" and "Olive You". I've been following Jessica for years now, so she kind of feels like the sister I never had. Crazy how bloggers can do that to you, right?  
Chelsea Foy // Lovely Indeed // Photo from @lovelyindeed
Have you ever had a burning desire to learn how to strum a Ukulele? Create your own bedazzled shoe clips? Ombre dip dye some of your old throw pillows? Or how about all three?! Chelsea makes all my DIY dreams come true on her amazing blog. Not only are her projects refreshingly well thought out, her Instagram makes my eyeballs extremely happy. Her colorful feed makes even my most glum day a little brighter. Chelsea brings out the crafty side in me, even though I was 100% sure that I didn't have one.




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