Keepin' It Cool

 Well, it's officially hot outside. And if you're anything like are not super pumped about it. But in our house, we don't let the heat confine us to the living room, TV, and air conditioning. No sir! Instead, we embrace the heat in the best way we know how--with popsicles in one hand and water toys in the other.


The Goods



Step2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table// Guys, this is the best thing since Betty White. (Side note--Betty White was born before sliced bread was invented, hence my change in the saying.) This water table + umbrella combo is an amazing way to keep the kids occupied (and out of direct sunlight) for hours. If the pool or beach aren't in the agenda for the day...whip out the table, fill 'er up, sit back, and enjoy the endless giggles from your happy children. The table is also great to fill with bubbles, shaving cream, and/or water beads. And when the weather gets a little too chilly for water-related play, try bird seeds, sand, or small trinkets and toys!

Big Mouth Toys Pink Flamingo Pool Float and Rhode Island Novelty Inflatable Ice Cream Cone// I couldn't resist!! These floaties have taken pools all over America by storm, so I had to include them! Not only are they adorable, but they're so fun for the kids to play with during our time at the pool. And don't let the giant flamingo floatie fool's super comfortable to lounge in! So grab your flamingo and get your relax on! You deserve it!

August Hat Desert Floppy Hat// The sun and I have a love/hate relationship. I love being out in the sun...and the sun loves to burn my skin to a crisp. For this reason, I can't go anywhere without a wide-brimmed hat. It provides way more sun protection than a baseball cap, and is easy to stuff into a purse or suitcase while traveling. Did I mention that I love the pattern and detail? Yep, this hat is a winner!

GeorgeHats Black and White Sketches Sun and Swim Hat// Protecting my children's skin from the sun is one of the most important things I can do for them as their mom. GeorgeHats are a wonderfully stylish company that offers a variety of handmade sun hats for little ones. Based in San Diego, these hats boast ear flaps and UV protection for the most sensitive and susceptible spots for sunburn. Now the only questions is...where are these hats in my size?!

Zoku Fish Pop Molds // I was super excited to discover these fish pop molds last week!! My kids (but mostly myself) are popsicle addicts in the summer, but some of the store-made brands are SO high in sugar and artificial ingredients. With these molds, I can control what is going into the popsicles, so we can snack on them to stay cool throughout the day. boys love the fun fish characters, including a whale, shark, and octopus, oh my! Not sure what to add to your molds? Try any selection of 100% juices, small pieces of fruit mixed with greek yogurt, or blend up a smoothie! (My favorite smoothie--blueberries, spinach, mango, almond milk, yogurt and honey)

SwimZip Sophisticated Swim Cover Up "Stunner" // Some days, I'm looking for a little more coverage when I'm in or around the water. For these times, I grab my SwimZip cover up and immediately feel fabulous! Appropriately named the "Stunner", it hugs all the right places while protecting me from those harmful UV rays. And when I'm running after the kiddies at the beach, I don't have to worry about anything slipping out from any part of my suit. Betsy Johnson, the creator of SwimZip r e a l l y knows how to mix practical + stylish gear. I'm so happy to have found her brand!

Litte Adi + Co Summer Vibes V-neck Tee // We adore our Summer Vibes tee for the little ones in our lives! What better way to celebrate the summer than spread your good vibes all day?!  Perfect as a cover up while my boys are playing the day away at the water table, our tees could not be any more comfortable!!

Little Adi + Co SWIM Bummies in Tropicana// Our signature item, the SWIM Bummies, are last but surely not least! My boys practically live in theirs during the hot summer months! Light, breathable, and soft, these are the perfect compliment to our Summer Vibes tee. Whether you're adventures take you to the beach, pool, or backyard...the bummies are sure to stand up to any water-related play!




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