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“I have nothing to wear!” Sound familiar? I have a hard time deciding what to wear on a daily basis, but deciding on what to wear for an extremely important photo shoot, while you’re pregnant no less, can be incredibly stressful. Add in the influx of crazy hormones and the struggle is definitely real. You obvi want your photos to be amazing, beautiful, and almost ethereal, so it’s only natural that you’d stress on this kind of decision. Maternity photos can be some of the most beautiful and intimate photos that you’ll ever take and having the perfect outfit is key to making your photos look amazing. No pressure, right?

If you’re searching around for some inspiration for your upcoming maternity shoot, here are 5 tips that will help you and your gorgeous belly look stunning.

1/ Accentuate the Bump (ie. bands, belts, form-fit)

Dressing yourself when you’re late in pregnancy can definitely be a chore. Usually you’re just looking for things that don’t cut off your circulation or cause you to look larger than you already are. This is especially true when you’re dressing for maternity photos. It’s important to accentuate the bump and find figure flattering items or pieces that will make you look amazing instead of a mu-mu, which let’s be honest, is what you really feel like wearing. Ways to accentuate that beautiful belly of yours are by wearing a belt (just below your chest right where the top of your belly starts), finding a dress with a waistband (see photo below) like ie. some type of shirring at the waist, or just wearing a body hugging dress that let’s the bump speak for itself. Pulling in loose clothing will create a waist line that defines your belly and although you may be a bit uncomfortable, the photos will turn out all kinds of GORGEOUS. (trust me)

2/ Texture and Flow

Your photos will look amazing if you wear pieces that have texture and add more dimension to your shots. You can do a chunky knit sweater alone (go ahead show some leg!), wear a lace or crochet dress, or even an embroidered top. Either way the texture in the clothes will create more interest, therefore making your photos look more beautiful. It’s a great alternative to a print or pattern, since the goal here is to keep the focus on your baby bump and not take away from it.

3/ Accessorize

You don’t want to get too out of hand when it comes to accessories, like the saying goes, less is more, especially during a maternity shoot. But to spice things up a bit, some of the best photos I’ve done included timeless pieces like a floppy hat or as my photo shows below, a floral crown. Things that are soft, feminine, and bring some fun to the photo. Imagine the photo below WITHOUT my floral crown. Sure, it would still be beautiful, but it wouldn’t have that extra spark that just makes it stunning. Consider a few pieces to bring with you to the shoot and work together with your photographer on where to incorporate them during the session. It could be as simple as a cocktail ring, drop earrings, or a head-piece/hat that can take it from meh to WOW.

4/ Maxi Dress

So let’s discuss all the reasons the maxi dress makes an obvious choice when it comes to maternity shoots. First off, it’s probably one of the most comfortable things you can wear. When you’re taking photos for over an hour or so, comfort is much appreciated when you’re pregnant. It’s also incredibly flattering on the pregnant body. It lends itself to cover up anything you don’t want to show, but it can also be pulled close to your belly to show off that adorable bump. In photos, it can also appear pretty dramatic since the flowing fabric can be an amazing way to create lots of movement in a photo with wind or a fan. Either way, I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with a Maxi.

5/ Multiple Outfits

It’s always nice to have more than one wardrobe option while taking photos. Most photographers are totally game for this, since it provides them with more of a well-rounded shoot. For a normal photoshoot, you can do a casual + more dressy option. For a maternity session in particular, I really cherish being able to document my bump in its current state. There’s something beautiful about looking back on how you grew the miracle of life for years to come. I tend to do 3 changes – one option that is super flowy yet shows some leg (because you don’t want to be consumed by a mu-mu). Another option that is slim, figure flattering and long. I’m not a huge fan of my pregnant legs, so the maxi makes me super comfortable in front of the camera.

Then a sort of boudoir outfit where it covers just the right areas yet let’s my bare bump show. I recommend something like this when you’re really comfortable with your photographer. It’s a little nerve wracking, but the pictures are SO worth it. Something like this can be tricky, if you’re not totally aware of your new body. I like either a sheer top that covers you, yet shows your new curves or a kimono style top that is long enough to cover your undies, but also just kind of grazes your upper half accentuating your bump.

photography by Rachel Nolan

Are maternity photos something you struggle with or are they a must-have on your list? Do you usually do them yourself at home or hire someone? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


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