Friday Faves: Teething Must-Haves

Teething Must-Haves
Wood Teether - Essential Oils - Sophie the Giraffe


Travel Teether // My littlest guy, Hudson {7 months} cannot go anywhere without his wood travel teether from Bannor Toys. With the attachable strap, it clips right on to his car seat and moves right along with him into the stroller when we're out and about. The perfect teether for when we're on the go and I don't have to worry about it landing on the floor.


Baltic Amber Necklace // Both of my boys wear their Amber Necklaces all day long and we swear  by them. Baltic Amber is a great natural pain reliever for everyone but works especially well for children to ease teething pain and discomfort. They wear theirs under the tees and we've seen a huge reduction in the drooling, finger gnawing, and general whininess associated with cutting teeth. It's SO important to get your hands on the real deal and we think our friend's over at Baltic Mermaid are the best.


Wood Teether // When just hanging around the house, my boys are obsessed with their Lexy Pexy wood teethers. They come in some of the coolest designs around and I give two thumbs up for being super light-weight and all natural. Some wooden teethers can be pretty heavy, but these are the perfect size and easy for my 7mo to hold on his own.


Essential Oils // Someone first introduced me to essential oils when I was pregnant with Hudson. I was looking to move our family to a more natural way of managing pain and other ailments, but most especially for teething. I hated resorting to Tylenol every day for Aden on his worst days. Since being introduced, we have solidly reduced the amount of pharmaceuticals we use and in turn have fallen in love with what Young Living EO's brought to our lives. For teething, I use a highly diluted rollerball of Thieves EO on the kids' jawlines and feet. I do this every morning when they wake up and at night before bed. Since doing this, I think I may have had to use Tylenol just once on a really bad night. If you'd like more information on how to purchase Young Living Essential Oils at a wholesale rate or if you'd just like to hear more of how oils helped our family, you can email me at


Sophie the Giraffe // A teething toy that squeaks. Really, is there anyone that doesn't have Sophie?! Both my kids love this thing and I'm pretty sure it's because of her long neck and limbs. It's not my favorite as a mom, but sometimes nothing helps the babes like soothing the teething pain with a little bit of rubber on their gums. I can deal.


Mama Teething Necklace // I think we've all had our kids try to eat our necklace when holding them, right? Well the ladies at Vintage Honey Shop have the absolute cutest teething necklaces for MOM to wear and they're natural enough that you don't have to worry and you can just let the kiddies go to town. I love my Vintage Honey necklaces and I can't get through Sunday service without one. It keeps my little guy occupied and happy for a good amount of time and they're super cute to wear.


I know when it comes to a thing like teething, we need all the help we can get to get through it. It took me two kids and around 18 months to find some of these products that we can now swear by. I hope by sharing some of our faves, you'll find something here that you love, too.
And like I always say, sharing is caring! :)

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