31 Years Young

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Birthdays are a funny thing. At least for me they are.

I was a shy little girl. I hated the attention they brought my way for just turning another year older. I didn’t want to celebrate being another year closer to being an adult. The future scared me. It wasn’t until I hit the dreaded age of 30 and gave birth to my boys, that I could truly reflect on what growing older meant to me. Now that I’m officially over the hump, it’s dawned on me that growing older is in fact a privilege and with age comes wisdom and the ability to drink copious amounts of wine on your special day.

Birthdays aren’t all that serious. They shouldn’t be. So, as I reflect on my 31st birthday, I’ve come to appreciate these little special dates on the calendar and realize that life has a way of teaching us things our mamas maybe didn’t.

Things I’ve learned now that I’m in my Thirties

  1. The importance of house plants. There’s just something about how a plant can liven up a room, right? Oxygen, color, life! Embarrassed to say that it has officially taken me 30 years to get a green thumb.
  2. Find your people. It’s magical what happens you find the souls that just get you. Find your tribe, love them hard.
  3. Experiences over things. I love a great purse, don’t get me wrong, but they just don’t make a good story. Write your story – travel, engage, step out of your comfort zone momentarily. It’s what life’s all about.
  4. Coffee and Champagne can heal. Can I get an Amen?
  5. Authenticity is hella sexy. A quote to live by. Being yourself is the best thing you can give this world. Know you, know who are, where your from and where you think your going. Fit in your skin and own it. It was made for you!
  6. Comfortable sucks. My top knot is comfortable, but it sucks. My sweatpants are comfortable, but they still suck. My awful, soul-sucking job is comfortable, but it’s the epitome of suck. Don’t let comfortable consume you. Growth happens in the most uncomfortable situations. Nothing good ever came easy, isn’t that what they say?
  7. Always be kinder than you feel. Bad days are normal. People will inevitably piss you off. They can also be mean, callous, and rude. Kill ’em with kindness. Kindness shows strength and grace and kindness just feels good. I was never one to turn down feeling good, how about you?
  8. Give without hesitation, blessings are bountiful. Simply put: you get what you give. 
  9. Being a parent is the hardest job to exist. For real though. Don’t think so? Go have a baby and come back to talk to me in 18 years.
  10. Take every chance that you get. Life has a funny way of opening doors. How chivalrous, don’t you think?

Ready for the next 30, starting now!

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