Sun Safe Picks!

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To keep that baby skin smooth & protected, we've got a few must haves for you! Both my littles suffer from Eczema so we had to do a lot of research on what we can and cannot use when it comes to protecting such sensitive skin. Luckily we have found what works! To cover from head to toe I use The Honest Company Highly Protective & Ultra Pure Mineral Sunscreen. This miracle product is non-toxic, non-whitening, unscented, hypoallergenic, water resistant and everything else you have ever dreamed of for a littles sunscreen! 
For those parts that you think need extra protection like the nose, tops of feet, hands - I always pack California Baby Everyday Broad Spectrum Sun Stick. A few things I love about this stick...I can even use it on my face even under make up. Seriously, it works as an SPF primer and it doesn't smell like sunscreen - has more of a calming aromatherapy scent which I totally love. For the littles it is tear free {HUGE plus}, hypoallergenic, and water resistant for 80 minutes
The last product I use for myself and for when I just feel like the kiddies might be looking a tad red is Coppertone. Being a big brand name, Coppertone actually doesn't lose all the small business charm in their products. They too are hypoallergenic, water resistant and are even Ophthalmologist, Dermatologist & Pediatrician approved. 
Now when it comes to gear, let's make sure we've got being covered, covered. Our friends over at SwimZip make the perfect suits for sun protection for your littles! We are crushing on the Shark Attack Suit right now but there are so many other creative designs too - check them all out here! Even better, these great pieces are budget friendly for amazing quality. 
The next key item to keeping your littles head covered - a sun hat! Thankfully we have discovered GeorgeHats and their super cute options for both boys and girls. Made in San Diego, Kristen makes sure to stick by her quality & uniqueness. She continues to make one of a kind, super soft and overall stellar hats for every season! Oh and did I mention, their patterns are super modern (and you all know I love that)!
Now I don't know about your babe, but it depends on the day when it comes to shades...sometimes Aden is feeling them, other days - no shot. But on those days when he is, I pull out Subsidy Shades. What's so great about Subsidy Shades is their story, take a look here. Subsidy Shades strives to make affordable sunnies for you and your littles!
And of course, diapers. You have to have a quality swim diaper, because I don't know about you but a chaotic beach day is not my thing. We've discovered the new The Honest Co. swim diapers. Not only are the patterns fun, but these diapers actually work. They don't swell up and drop everything in an hour & you can trust them to do a normal diaper job. 
Lastly, when the day comes to a close (or when it's nap time) - Pottery Barn Kids has got the best mini towels. I love their Baby Hooded Beach Wraps for my little guys and the fact that I can get them personalized for their first beach towel is a sweet keepsake when living the coastal life. They're super soft and absorbent and when we're packing up to go, I just strip my babes down to their diapers and wrap them up in these cozy little numbers.
OH! And right now all kids beach towels & wraps are 20% off plus free shipping! Yup, you are welcome!


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