Spring Denim Must Haves

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With Spring right around the corner we can finally start thinking about Denim - the most versatile piece in your wardrobe.
Our favorite styles? Boyfriend, Skinnies (all sorts) & the good ol' High Rise (seriously though).
For the boyfriend - it's good to purchase a pair with destruction to really get that super casual look & feel. Pair these with a graphic tee, some slip-ons (I love my leopard pair!) & you are good to go. We've got a great budget friendly pair, too!
As for skinnies - this is where we splurge. You cannot go wrong with 7 For All Mankind, it's unheard of. Their construction, design & variety of style is impeccable. We recommend going with an ankle length - perfect with flips or heels for Spring. Invest in quality skinnies because you'll get the most wear out of them unlike the boyfriend jeans. The boyfriend jeans are super casual and you can typically notice when you're wearing them back to back. The skinnies you can dress up or down and seriously, no one will notice when you rock them two or three times during the week (they're super versatile).
Another fun spring trend for skinnies is going all in on a white pair. J Brand is another go-to brand for us and their Mid Rise White Skinny is perfection. 
Our last recommendation? The High Rise. These are a must if you're a Mom! You don't need to be worrying about your goods falling out when you bend over to pick up the snack cup on Target's floor or the shoe your toddler just threw. 
So here are our favorites...
And here are some picks if a splurge just isn't in the budget right now...
Now go get your denim on!

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