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Who really has time to work out anymore? And honestly some days I'm not sure if it really is just about the time or the fact that I am absolutely exhausted when the evening rolls around. I've noticed working out does come easier if you feel that you look good and are rocking some super cute threads. I'm not talking about pumping iron at the gym & running till you can't feel your legs, I'm just focusing on keeping active outside of the house. Brisk walk after dinner with the stroller and a pair of comfy sneaks - that's the kind of workout I can handle. I've recently discovered some new favorite pieces to add to my "workout" wardrobe and I couldn't help to want to share with you.

To start things off I've just been introduced to Icebreaker - they.are.ah.mazing. Their leggings are completely live in worthy! Then there is Mizu. Umm, hi - not only are they the cutest but they're also extremely functional & durable. Basically the three most important things for me now when buying a product. Who's with me?! Next, if you can believe this - Fila! I never thought I'd see the day....Their hoodies have taken softness to a new level and are actually very affordable for a hoodie you'll wear most of the week. Then a BIG part of taking a stroll... headphones. Especially if I don't have the stroller or baby carrier. UrBeats by Dr.Dre are lightweight AND tangle free - yes, TANGLE FREE! So that means you don't spend your first 10 minutes of your exercise untangling your apple headphones (I've wasted so much time with that). Lastly, who can forget shoes? A woman's best friend! With the right sneakers your workout regimen can easily go from 30 minutes to an hour without the annoying achy feet. I found these Puma FAAS Running shoes SO comfy & form fitting.


My Comfy Work Out Picks...
1. Icebreaker: Spirit Capri // $94.95
2. MizuM8 VALENTINES PROMO // $19.95
4. Beats by Dr.Dre: UrBeats // $99.95
5. Puma: FAAS 700 v2 Running Shoe // $49.95 (on sale!)
Now that I've got it all covered, there's no excuse to get moving. Happy Shopping!

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