Momma's Must Haves: Beauty

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How do you keep it all together when juggling the world?
Keep to the basics, that's how.
My Necessities

There are 5 products that I have to use every day, otherwise you may not want to cross my path, just sayin'. I've been a Clinique girl for as long as I can remember so the floral-citrus blend of Clinique's Happy is my go-to, to keep me feelin' girly when I resemble a mother of a mess (see also: hot mess). 
One more gem from Clinique that I swear by? Redness Solutions. All you need after a good face washin' for a start to the day. 
Then there is the hair, what seems to always be the most untamable species known to mankind - or mother-kind, I should say. Moroccan Oil thankfully has helped ease those troubles daily. Moroccan Oil soothes the fly-a-ways & helps me when it comes to looking like it really is all together. 
Next I'd love to share the good stuff - makeup.
Younique, the goddess brand of mascara - seriously this stuff changed the game. If for some reason nowadays I am forced to use "regular" mascara, it's a total joke. Especially after seeing my own eyes light up with just a few strokes of Younique's Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. Run to your nearest Younique consultant and grab some if you haven't already!
And lastly - BLUSH! I have never been big on blush - I always did the good ol' bronzer here and there and yup, that usually did it. Blush however - who knew it really could give you more distinguished cheek bones + make you look alive all in one little dusting! It's a mama's best friend, especially Lorac's Pro To Go Coral
Welp - there they are! My 5 Beauty must haves. Have any you think I should know about? I'm open for suggestions :)

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  • Bianca on

    I have 2 under 2 and just purchased Younique! So excited to try it and have something I can use that’ll make a difference without having to spend much time with my routine!

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