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Let me start off by saying, I am a self-proclaimed baby book snob. 

When I was pregnant with Aden, I searched (what felt like) high and low for a book that was not only easy on the eyes, but also fun to fill out. Let's be honest for a minute, baby books are more of a labor of love than a good time. If you're anything like me, you probably felt like you'd be a terrible mother if you didn't keep up with your first born's monthly milestones. I would get so much anxiety making sure I remembered to fill it out, by the time I did, I ended up spending most of the time racking my brain on what happened over the past 4 weeks. It was all a blur - "did he say Dada in January? No wait, it must've been Christmas...but that was after he took a few steps." Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Filling that thing out was rough and all I could picture while doing it was my son, at 30 years old, sitting with his new wife as I whipped out the baby book for some good 'ol fashioned childhood embarassment. I better get this right.

So, here we are, round 2 with Hudson. I knew immediately that finding the time to fill out his would be hard to come by. Two kids, a small business, and everything else that falls under the category of being a mom/wife/entrepreneur, there just would be no way I could keep up. So, not only was I on the hunt for good design (see: no pastels or characters), but also one that fit my bill of covering all the bases of record keeping for my little love's first year.  

Enter Mushy Books. Created by a mom/wife/entrepreneur herself, Lesley, knew exactly what the baby book industry needed and filled the void with a manageable, modern and well-made  keepsake. I've already started filling ours out and I think I may actually be able to keep up with it this time without any issues.  

Mushy Books are curated to be super simple and clean, including all of the pertinent information needed to remember your little one's first year. (Being a 2nd time mom you realize what really matters. I don't think anyone needs to know what the color of his first shoe was and the first time he put it in his mouth.) They're beautifully made and you can choose between an array of stylish designs. I love that they're entirely gender neutral and incredibly durable. I happen to be a little partial to the Star is Born theme for my little guy. There are so many good ones it really was hard to choose. Have a look at some of the other amazing Mushy Books in Lesley's shop here


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