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As a small business, I feel like often times people casually mistake us for a big company - making big pay, abundant inventory, with a lot of employees to help manage things. That couldn't be further from the truth. I can't speak for what happens behind all small businesses, but I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce our family, just the four of us, behind Little Adi + Co. 
Meet James (32), Hudson (2months), Aden (16months) and that's me, Adrianne (29). 
A little background about us:
James is an Epidemiologist who continues to work full time in the "real" world as a Public Health Director for the USAF.
I (Adrianne) attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for Fashion Design where I graduated and held a career as a Designer for both Women's and Kid's apparel at some of the larger corporate brands for just over 8 years before leaving the industry. James' career path led us from Brooklyn, NY (we're originally from southern NJ) to Charleston, SC where we currently live and we started a family almost right away. It came at a perfect time in both of our lives, as I was ready to leave the industry to put my feet back on the ground per se. Not long after, I also started Little Adi + Co. which was an ultimate dream of mine from when I was a little girl.
Little Adi + Co. was named after and created for my son, Aden Rhys when he was just around 8 weeks old. Aden took up the nickname "Adi Rhys" when he was just a newborn and it kind of just stuck. That's where the little ADI comes in. (pronounced ay-dee.)
I started Little Adi + Co in December 2013 doing made to order leggings and 2, just two, graphic tees (some of which are still our best sellers to date). We introduced our original and trend-setting Bummies™ in late January 2013 and were blown away by the impact they made on the Instagram community and moms alike. Since introducing our trademarked Bummies™, our business has grown more than we could have ever expected over the past year and a half, and although we have a little help, we are still managing everything from our small home office with just the two of us.
Little Adi + Co. (and our family) recently expanded with the addition of Hudson Cole in November 2014. That's where the "Co." part comes in. ;) Things have been interesting (to say the least) juggling an infant, a toddler, and the business, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Best Job Ever. 
I hope to continue to design quality, fun + inspiring clothing for your littles, with a focus on mine, and continue to grow Little Adi + Co. to be a brand that you are not only proud to put on your kids, but proud to purchase knowing who and what makes it tick. With this new blog, I can't wait to share a little more of our lives and behind the scenes with you. Thank you for joining in on this journey with us! Follow along with all of our little bits and pieces on Instagram - @little_adi_co.

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  • Vitaliya on

    You are so brave for taking on so much! I have one 2 month son and I’m a stay at home mom and still feel as if there isn’t enough hours in a day!

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