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Lily Jade Bags are all the rave, so we knew Adrianne had to get her hands on one especially now that she has two littles on her hip! Running what we like to joke about her three ring circus, Lily Jade bags help to make sure she has everything ready for even just the simplest of outings. Let's be serious even a trip to the grocery store with a one month old and 1 and a half year old - we all know how wild that can get. Thankfully with a Lily Jade bag, you at least always have your diaper bag organized. 
Lily Jade started thanks to a first time Mommy, oh so similar to Adrianne - both looking for pieces that just didn't exist. For Meggan (Lily Jade founder), she found herself always looking for a diaper bag that didn't scream "I'M A MOM!!!" but something luxurious, and keen to everyday style. Something that she could use on the rare occasion where she isn't out with a kiddie. And oh has she just nailed the design out of the park.
What's in her Lily Jade bag?
Rebecca Minkoff Wallet - similar found here
Michael Kors Shades - similar found here
EOS Lip Balm in sweet mint
OhJustDandy Burp Cloth from Etsy
Lexy Pexy "the Gavin" Teether 
My Little Pocket Library Funny Faces
Kismet Love Collection Nursing Cover
Diapers (of course!)
Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags in Urban Jungle
Happy Yogis Organic Yogurt Bites (any toddler snack, really)
Sassy Spin n Shine Rattle
Summer Infant Tiny Diner Placemat in blue
"I come prepared for anything when I leave my house and my LilyJade bag is the perfect accessory when it comes to carrying enough for what feels like an army. Not to mention, I love how chic it is - you would never know the haul I have inside. Mama can fit her go-to items - wallet, shades, and lip balm - in addition to the toddler necessities and newborn essentials. The best part? On the rare occurrence I leave the house alone, the LilyJade insert pulls right out with everything contained, and I can carry my bag as a real luxury purse.
Worth. Every. Penny." - A
So besides a Lily Jade bag - what else do you need to stay on top of motherhood? 
Adrianne would love to know! And I'll need to know one day ;)

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  • Susan Blackman Sharp on

    I just saw this on IG, so I came to check it out! My niece had twin boys on 11/7/2014! I’ve been trying so hard to win a Lily Jade Diaper bag for a couple of months now! I just love these bags! I’m sure my niece would have one of these bags packed full of things for twins! Thank you and I hope you have a Merry Christmas! ?

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