Penny Pinchin': Summer edition

As a kid, summer is the time to have fun and make memories! As a parent, summer is the time to scramble to both keep your kids busy and avoid paying an arm and a leg for entertainment at the same time! While there are a lot of things your kids can do this summer, many of them could easily wind up putting you over-budget. To help you stay on budget and keep your kids entertained, check out these tips on How to Save Money on the Kids this Summer!


1. Get Season Passes

If you know your family is going to be visiting an amusement park, museum, or other such establishment multiple times this summer, you could save by opting for a season pass. While season passes cost more up front, they'll save you a lot versus multiple full price admission purchases over the course of the summer!

2. Skip the Fancy Camps

An easy way to save money on the kids this summer is to skip sending them to expensive summer camps. Instead, look for more inexpensive camps hosted by smaller groups such as your local community center or church. Your kids will still get to learn, socialize, and stay busy, and you'll save money!

3. Skip the Movie Theater

A few decades ago, the movie theater was a great place for kids to spend summer days! That was back when movies were cheap. With ticket prices rising more every year, if you want to save money on the kids this summer you should avoid going to the theater. Instead, take advantage of your Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription. Or just buy movies à la carte from Amazon Instant, or from Walmart's discount movie bins! Make up some flavored popcorn and you can easily host your own fun movie night!

4. Use the Library

Nothing beats your public library! Not only are libraries full of books, they nowadays also tend to offer many other entertainment services. Some provide free access to a digital e-book library. Others rent out DVDs, CDS, or even electronic toys! On top of that, during the summer libraries have all sorts of free kid-friendly events, including summer reading challenges, reading groups, and guest appearances!


5. Take Advantage of Kid Discounts

When you're trying to save money on the kids this summer, don't forget about kid discounts! Many museums, parks, bowling allies, etc. offer discounts to kids. Sometimes they even have days where kids get to visit or play for free! Also check if you can get a kid discount pass by following businesses on social media or subscribing to a newsletter.

6. Skip the Big Vacation

Perhaps the best way to save money on the kids this summer is to not take them on a big vacation. Instead of traveling somewhere expensive, why not visit a less expensive local attraction? You might not even have to get a hotel and can just make it a day trip! You could also have a lot of fun with a full-fledged staycation!

7. Have Fun in the Sun

Sometimes the best way to keep kids busy is the old fashioned way- sending them out in the backyard or park to have fun! With their bright imaginations, most kids don't need more than an open space and some odds and ends to come up with fantastic stories! If they need help getting the fun started, why not find some free printable games, or buy some cheap outdoor toys at the dollar store? What frugal ways do you keep your kids busy in the summer?



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