4 Ways To Stay Cool (without a pool!)


When Summer comes around, hot temperatures come with it. That's right...get ready for the hot and sticky air, sweat, and being uncomfortable. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to stay cool in the intense heat if you don't have something like an ocean or pool near by that you can jump right into. 

Four Ways to Stay Cool This Summer Without A Pool

1. Water Balloon Fight: Get yourself a big old bag of balloons, you can find a bag of about 100 at the dollar store for one dollar, fill them up with water and have yourself a fight! This is a great way to have a good time and the water will keep you cool as well. 

2. Water Gun Fight: This is another thing that you can find at the dollar store and it's a great way to have a good time. You all can run around chasing each other and keeping each other cool by spraying each other with water. A little bonus tip if you want to have a bit of extra fun, add food coloring to the water before putting it into the gun and wear white shirts and you can turn a basic water gun fight into a colorful one. 

3. Sprinkler: Sprinklers are easy to get and they are a great way to stay cool and chances are you already have a hose. That is all you need and you can have a great time running around while cooling yourself off from that Summer heat. 

4. Home made Slip n Slide: It is very simple to make your own slip n slide at home and it's a very fun way to stay cool. All you need to do is grab a couple of trash bags and tape them together to make a long "slide". Run some water along the slide and then you're good to start sliding. A little hint would be to make sure that you have soft grass underneath, if there are any rocks or anything you will get hurt. 
These are just a few basic ways to stay cool and to still have a reason to put on your bathing suit and play outside without having to go to a pool or anything like that. Keep these things in mind before the hot temperatures start arriving and you will be sure to stay nice and cool throughout the Summer.

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