5 Summer Beauty Hacks


When it comes to summer, everyone you know wants to be looking their best. There's a reason the no.1 New Year's resolution has do to with getting back in shape! Am I right? It's all about that beach body, bronzed skin, and lightened hair! Well today I am going to be sharing with you 5 Summer related beauty hacks that will have us looking great for this season and their pretty much effortless!

1. Detox: Shed a few pounds and rid your body from some harmful toxins, while sprucing up your normal water intake. Here's my favorite refreshing summer recipe to follow: 1 sliced lemon, 1 sliced lime, half of a sliced cucumber, + pitcher of ice water. (Feeling gutsy? Add a hint of cayenne pepper) I like to make the fruit and cucumber mix for the week and freeze until I'm ready to use them!

2. Get a Super Close Shave: Have you ever struggled with getting a smooth and close shave and have it stay that way without getting a razor rash or stubble right away? Well, secret's out! You can use baby oil in place of your shaving cream. Trust me, you will have the smoothest shave that you have ever had! Extra Tip: If you do end up with razor rash, just get some green tea bags on that baby quick! It's the best natural remedy to get rid of the pain and redness.

3. Gently Lighten Your Hair: If you're looking to lighten up your hair a little bit for the summer, you can get that sun kissed glow to your hair without the harsh chemicals of bleach or lightener. All you need to do is create a mixture of chamomile tea and lemon juice, apply that to damp hair, and go outside to sunbath for a little while. (Be careful with the lemon juice! A little goes a long way.) This will help to give you beautiful, subtle lightening to your hair and it looks gorgeous and maintains the integrity of your hair. 

4. Self Tanner Mishap: If you have a self tanner mistake, a simple and easy way to remove it is by using baking soda! Simply mix it together with water to form a nice paste and then you can apply it to where-ever you'd like to remove it, just let it sit for a few minutes and you will be good as gold! 
5. Waterproof Your Makeup: When it comes to the summer heat, if you aren't prepared, your makeup is going to just melt right off! You definitely don't want a smear face when you least expect it. Powder is your best friend here and for even better results, switch over to waterproof makeup for the season. It'll pay for itself within just a few days!
So, there you go! Just a few simple reminders that can be so easily overlooked when you're knee deep in kiddos. #momlife


Keep these tips and hacks in mind this summer when you want to feel fresh & beautiful!


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