Quick and Easy Party Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

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Ok, let's get straight to the point since Memorial Day Weekend just happens to be THIS weekend.  In order for the party ideas to be “Quick and Easy,” you have to know the art of delegating, the art of creative planning and what party theme you want.  You can do this several different ways.

The Art of Delegating

  1. You can use just your family, OR you can use your guests to help get the party started.
  2. You can delegate by what needs done (like decorating, food, set up, etc.), OR you can have your guests all bring something to contribute (like decorating, food, etc.).
  3. When it comes time to get things set up, be sure to give everyone a job to do.

The Art of Creative Planning

  1. Get the date, time, and place established. Then email guests or use an electronic card, make a quick call or text, but do it now!
  2. Figure out what type of party theme you want (see ideas below), and if you want your guests to help contribute, figure out what you want them to bring and include that in the invitation as well.
  3. Decide if you'll do any decorating and get started on that.  You can either purchase decorations or make your own depending on the time you have to prepare.
  4. Get busy!

Planning Your Party Theme

Here are a few fun ideas that are easy!

  1. Throw a BBQ party where guests all bring their favorite BBQ food item to share.  All you need to add is some side dishes like coleslaw, salad, and fruit.  Play some horseshoes with all ages by having a competition and hand out prizes to winners at the end of the party.
  2. Non-traditional Picnic Style can be done in many different ways.  It's really up to you how creative you want to be.  You could serve non-traditional picnic items like pizza or tacos rather than the traditional fried chicken and potato salad.  I like having a “backwards picnic party” where you would eat the dessert first and the main dish last.  Have your guests wear their clothes backwards if you want to add to the theme.  Play tug-o-war but have everyone face backwards to pull.  The ideas are endless.
  3. A Homemade Ice Cream Social is one of my all-time favorites!  Have your guests make their own recipe of homemade ice cream and bring it by for dessert to share.  Provide the toppings and let your guests enjoy all the fun flavors created by hand.  Remember, this is homemade, not store bought.

Having an amazing Memorial Day party doesn't have to be planned out a year in advance.  Using the ideas here will help you have a Memorial Day party people will truly enjoy, no matter how long or how little it took to plan.


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