Let's Redefine Normal

Mama Said Tees was started by two beautiful mamas, Colleen and Colleen. When one of their sister's tragically passed away, she adopted her sisters children as her own. Colleen didn't want stereotypes or judgement to be passed over her new family, so together the ladies started the #letsredefinenormal campaign.

By redefining the word "normal", we are able to spread kindness and compassion to everyone, no matter their shape, size, or color. The mission of this movement is powerful, yet simple. Everyone is normal and everyone is different.

Watch the video below for the full story, and purchase any NORMAL product from their shop to help spread awareness. A portion of proceeds is donated to PACER's National Bully Prevention Center.

Please share this message with your followers, friends, and family to spread the word.

"Everyone is different. Different is normal. Everyone is normal."

What makes you normal?

"I'm a mother. I breast-fed & bottle-fed. I'm a wife. I can't cook. I'm a business owner. I don't stop. I'm a friend. I could do more. I'm a woman. I feel inadequate. I have feelings of doubt & moments that I'm afraid of failure. I hate when I'm not in control and I've suffered from anxiety."

I'm normal.





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  • Colleen on

    This is so appreciated and you are SO amazing. Completely adeuquate. More than. And so very normal! :) xoxo CS

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