Living with Tiny Tornadoes

I was blessed with two tiny tornadoes who keep me on my toes. They take daily strikes against napping, want to eat mac & cheese for every meal, and leave a trail of destruction and mess where ever they go. I absolutely love and adore my tiny tornadoes, but you know what doesn't appreciate their mess? My floors.

My poor rugs and floors are not kid-proof, let alone mess-proof. My carpets are dotted with stains of all sorts, and just yesterday I found a week-old gummy bear sticking to my dining room rug. Gross. So after much disdain, I found myself wishing for a rug that was chic enough to appeal to my style, but functional enough that it was tiny tornado-proof.

And that's when I stumbled upon Lorena Canals rugs. You guys, they're a gift from the rug gods. Not only are they stylish and come in amazing colors, but they're machine washable. Yes, you heard me correctly. You can wash them. In your washing machine. I'm sure you can understand how awesome that is for a mother of two tiny tornadoes.

No amount of spills, gummy bears, or dirt (I don't know where the dirt comes from, but it's always there) can keep these rugs down and out for long. Just pop it in the washing machine and they come out looking brand new! A total lifesaver when you're little one spills his spaghetti on the rug an hour before your company is set to arrive. And as if you need any other reasons to purchase a Lorena Canals rug, they're made right here in the good ol' U S of A, are 100% cotton, and are allergen free. SOLD!

My favorite rug from their line is the Hippy Mint! It pairs perfectly with my living room decor, and is the main area where my tiny tornadoes touch down.

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