Adventures in Potty Training


Potty training is hard, y'all. Like, really hard. My two year old has had a difficult time with the transition, and we've tried (what seems like) all the tricks in the book. He has no interest in wearing "big boy" underwear, but my days of wanting to stick him in a pull-up are loooong gone. 

 So what's a mama to do?!


Fear not! I found the perfect solution. The amazing brand Coco + Kiwi has designed a brand of training pants to assist your child in the transition from diapers to underwear. Not only are they created with three soft layers of absorbent bamboo material, they come in colors and styles perfect for boys and girls.


Photo by @beautyandthebinky

The underwear are machine washable, comfy, and simulate regular underwear, but with the extra leak protection that my little one needs. They're a win-win in my book, and my 2 year old and I couldn't be happier!

And for those who need peace of mind for around the house while potty training, you have to check out Coco + Kiwi's leak proof seat liners and Lorena Canals washable area rugs. These game changers are a great way to keep the leaks in check, and the house clean! A mama's dream.

 Interested in winning some amazing Little Adi + Co and Coco + Kiwi goodies? Head over to our Instagram for all the details of our giveaway with this fab brand!

Happy potty training, mamas!



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