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Do you have that one baby product in your life that has just totally changed the game? One that has been so crucial and helpful in your baby's development, that you just can't imagine living without?

Photo Cred: Hatch Baby

For me, that product has been the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad.

My mornings aren't complete unless I've wrestled Hudson onto the changing pad, measured his growth and tracked his sleeping patterns. Being able to have access to his growth patterns and how much (or how little) my man sleeps gives me piece of mind that he's a happy and healthy munchkin.

From the time your child is born, tracking feedings and sleep schedules are imperative to their overall development. The Smart Changing Pad is able to effortlessly track how much your babe eats, diaper changes, growth, and sleep schedules. And the kicker?! It's all easily accessible from the free Hatch Baby app on your smartphone. It's definitely a game changer for the breast-feeding mama. You'll be able to follow your baby's in-take immediately with this beauty of technology.


Photo Cred: Hatch Baby

From it's multi-faceted use, to its affordable nature and easy-to-use interface, you cannot go wrong with the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad. And from one mama to another, it's the definition of a game changer.

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