Friday Faves: Woven Pear

For Mom Friday Faves Socks Woven Pear



My feet are constantly cold. 80 degrees outside...they're cold. 40 degrees outside...forget about it, they're already forming icicles. So what's a girl to do when she has to wear socks 365 days a year, but is tired of donning the ugly white ones she finds at the bottom of her laundry basket? Woven Pear has the answer to my frozen feet prayers. They're super soft and out-of-control comfy, on account of the extra padded areas on the heels and toes.



 And, to state the obvious, Woven Pear socks are so fun! With 40+ bright and cheery pears/pairs to choose from, you can't go wrong. I mean, you could go wrong...if you don't snag a pair for yourself. And hellooo, perfect Mother's Day gift!


 And if you're a sucker for subscription boxes (guilty), they offer The Socks Box! Every month, you'll receive three pairs of exclusively designed socks, straight to your door. And my feet are very, very happy. 


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