10 Gifts for the #coolmom


Here’ to all my #coolmoms (Cheers!)… This is a round-up just for you of some of my favorite mama must have’s.  I suggest ever so discretely sending this list to your significant other, kids old enough to use a computer, best friend, employer, or pretty much anyone who wants to buy you a present at anytime. Or, hey, give yourself a gift because it’s Tuesday and you rock!

First up is the “Because, Kids” Mug.  Really, need I say more?  Fill it with a strong coffee, chai tea, hot chocolate (with or without Bailey’s…no judgment here) and get stuff done!

Next we have the Minimalist Mother Tee.  If you covet soft T-shirts like I do then this is definitely for you.  Pairs perfectly with a hat or messy bun.  Easy-peasy, dressed for success.

If you ever took Spanish (especially if you had a great teacher like I did) you probably remember “madre” translates to “mother” and that’s where Madre Beads  comes in.  For an instant calm I pull out one of my favorite essential oils and add a few drops to one of their diffuser necklaces.  Try it.  Thank me later!

We all know too well that it takes humor to enjoy life, and motherhood.  Cue the “in memory..” Pillowcase .  Every mom who enters your home will love it, guaranteed!

Give ‘em a not so subtle reminder when they need it with this Love Your Mother Tee.  I always like to wear it out and about in hopes it will encourage (ie: guilt) someone into calling their mom.

The lists are never-ending.  There’s always, always, always Sh*t We Need.  Make jotting it all down more fun for yourself with this notepad.

My tiny tornadoes totally remind me of full-blown fire-breathing dragons sometimes, destroying everything in their path.  To make matters worse, I am forever dropping my lifeline (aka my phone).  This Dragons Phone Case has both covered

Sometimes I just want to feel pretty and this delicate  Madre Necklace is the perfect finishing touch.  As moms we give so much of ourselves but it’s important to remember self-care to maintain our sanity and identity.

Mom’s Stuff Salve is pretty much the best stuff on earth!  From cracked skin to diaper rash to minimize scars from cuts…this does it all and then some.  I promise if you have it on hand you will use it more than you ever thought possible.  Multi –use products are my all time favorite!

Finally, the “Not Today” Tank.  You know, for the days when you just can’t adult!  We’ve all been there.

There you have it.  A run down of my go-to essentials for all of you #coolmoms out there.  Pick up one or two (or all ten) and enjoy!


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